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  • For those making an online appointment for the first time, please leave a contact number.
  • Those who have already made an appointment: On the appointment date, please go to the counter on the first floor to complete the New Patient Registration form, then go to the outpatient clinic for your consultation.
  • Go directly to the consultation room and insert your health card next to the door to report your attendance and give your card to the clinic staff.
  • Please report to the consultation room according to the consultation number. You need to complete the registration in the consultation room 15 minutes before the end of the consultation. (Not applicable for the dental clinic)
  • To apply for a medical certificate or request a copy of your medical record (at your own expense), please bring your health / identification card
  • If the application is not made in person, the patient should bring the original identification documents of both parties and the power of attorney.
  • If you are unable to see the doctor after booking an appointment, please cancel the booking by phone or online (My Bookings) at least one day before the consultation time.
  • If you miss your appointment three times, further online registrations will be restricted.


   Outpatient Consultation Times






08:30 ~ 12:00

14:00 ~ 17:30

18:00 ~ 21:30


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Online Booking

   Book appointment online   


1. Booking times:08:00 ~ 22:00     

2. Book at first floor reception (New patient)

    Morning:07:30~11:45    Afternoon:12:00~17:15   


3. UI Machine Bookings(Returning patients):24 Hour service

Telephone bookings


Bookings08:00 ~ 22:00